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Sonic Prostate Massager

The Sonic Prostate Massager device is a portable vibrating massager designed for soothing of the prostate gland and rectal muscles by creating stimulating vibrations. Prostate massage greatly increases the blood flow into the prostate gland more effectively than any other prostate treatment in existence. It is the absolute #1 aid in prostate healing!

Here is what Sonic Prostate Massager will do for you:

  • Improve blood flow in affected muscles surrounding your prostate gland, anus and lower colon areas
  • Improve lymph fluid flow, which is responsible for cleansing of the blood in the affected areas
  • Stimulate nerve endings and improve erectile function as well as sexual performance
  • Strengthen and tones the prostate area muscles, which has lost its function due to age
  • Improve semen quality and flow
  • Strengthen bladder control, improve urination flow and relieve pain

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